Spotlight on *88 Praha Prints

we have created 2 formats here for your home decor pleasure; framed art for the wall or table, and wooden block art that is made from wood over 100yrs kindled. We love the *88 Praha prints and hope you do too. AySes enjoyed touring Prague with her last music album and these Prints were the outcome of her visual voyage around the city. The layers, the context, the dynamics of these prints give them an eternal flavour for which we could never be tired of. So feast your space on these, which we have made to please~! ;)

With the wood art AySes tried 2 types of transfer, one is podgey, and one is print transfer but rubbed down to make it a faint feel. so its either more intense the image, or rustic worn. each one is $20

with the framed art we find a variety of flavors; all framed prints are $20