Now available: Paint/Fabric Facelift & Outdoor Creations

*Paint & Fabric 'Facelift'*$25/hr <~This is a great place to create a subtle and yet POWER FULL SHIFT in your life. If you are really feeling oppressed, like you are in a constant state of feeling like you need a vacation, or have a limited budget and can't afford a good vacation presently DO NOT FEAR this package is going to blow your mind! Taking what you got and upgrading on a shoe string budget to make your world more ORGANIC. no look to hard, with a little co-creative crafting anything is possible!!! As interior design goes this is a sweet price with instructional DIY sessions included, its the lesson that just will keep giving.

You will find if you scroll down some inspiration towards ideas for things you presently have, we encourage you to mention inquiring to any items you are looking for as well. To see the full service list where this service is being offered go to

*OUTDOOR CREATIONS $25/hr <~ Here is a picture of a Living Salad outdoor Table. If you have a smaller space we can adjust the size, however no matter the size, if you have the desire to influence more GREEN LIVING into your life we can help you find your path.