Yes, we took a run once again with The Bazaar of the Bizarre and that got AySes really up on the idea of translating this booth idea to a corner of her Artisan Studio space. which is located in the lower lever of her North York home. the space has great high ceilings, and is shared with her Wellness Metaphysics Clinic called Lozen Lotus Love.
 Here is a quick look at the last event and the current place of RrC.

For private consultation services please contact AySes via her business line; 647-606-1896
or email her at 

Private Consultation is available for a variety of Services; $25/hr  with both Rrustic Casting and AySes' Partner project Lozen Lotus love Wellness Clinic. Consultation services go as follows~ 1> Holistic Esthetician Lessons, 2> Home Make~over 1-0-1, OR 3> Metaphysical Sciences

JUST ADDED; NEW ONLINE BOUTIQUE FOR ALL YOUR ONLINE SHOPPING NEEDS~! we are in the process of adding our stock as we multitask with a few elements here, so come back often to see new items arriving, and new creation spotlights.

Now available: The Rrustic Every Wear tree. for rooms with little to no storage space. Designed by AySes, built by Ulisses. this partnership turns out super nifty. Orders can be made if you private message us.

here is a glance at the Bazaar of the Bizarre event;

you can see a bit of a Playdead ghost painting beside us, they make great neighbors~! ;)

The Booth at the show had everyone asking if we were there more then just once a season, like it was a little store. ;) and a great deal of feedback about the upcoming launch of the collective going into an online shopping format.

 So great was the experience of the booth it was only natural to develop a corner in the private spacious Artisan studio, and VIOLA~!:

The Rrustic Casting Every Wear Tree all dressed up with stuff. ;)

This is a great pic showing the room in the other half of the space leading to the Lozen Lotus Love clinic space. two worlds that sit side by side in a complimentary manner. Which suits the space, when you enter you feel right as rain.

Cleansing the space of all Energy Electromagnetic Pollution and brining in the 4 Elements is a focus in throughout the entire level. 

View from the stairs that lead into it. Library behind the sheer curtain that covers the wooden wall book shelving. 

 View at the top of the stairs at the entrance 
 The Entrance to Lozen Lotus Love and Rrustic Casting is also half way to the wonderful natural wild gardens that wrap around the front and back of the house.

The music corner is about to get alot more attention as Ayses is beginning to shift over to her love of music making and back into her school studies. Not abandoning any one of her Artistic loves she moves from one to another in shifts. This formula allows her to be the multi-diverse multi-faceted person we have come to know and love.

and this is the wooden barn door her husband created to separate her clinic from her artisan studio and library.